Public Sector

Public sector organisations may well absenteeism and boost productivity with a corporate health cash plan from UK Healthcare. With a health cash plan, every member of staff can claim back cash up to agreed policy limits on the cost of many diverse medical expenses and the organisation will benefit in the long run.

We have many long standing relationships in the public sector, including governmental bodies, fire, police and health related organisations.

Whilst several make contributions directly on behalf of their workforce (company paid), many others make the UK health cash plan proposition available as an optional benefit paid for by the member of staff themselves through payroll deduction. Either way, the UK Healthcare corporate health cash plan is an affordable, sensible option.

The origins of UK healthcare can indeed be traced back more than a century to our hospital roots when employees would make regular donations from their wages on leaving work on a Saturday to be used for potential health claims. This was prior to the days of the NHS. This is actually where our parent company Bolton & District Hospital Saturday derives its name from.

Almost 150 years later, many employees continue to contribute towards a health cash plan for themselves and their family by making “payroll deductions” to UK Healthcare.

UK Healthcare is happy to provide a range of promotional materials to employers for use either electronically or physically on site to promote our services with Account Executives being available to support our message by attending the workplace as required.

One of our experienced Account Executives would be more than happy to speak with you to understand how we may be able to help your organisation. All you have to do is call 01204 555049 for a free, “no obligation” chat.

We look forward to hearing from you. Discover the benefits of a corporate health cash plan today.