Cash Plan Features

  • Immediate benefit: – All employees, partners and children can claim immediately with no “qualifying period”
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: – All employees will be covered for pre-existing conditions.
  • Upgrades: – Employees have the option to upgrade to a higher level of cover.
  • Partners: – Employees may elect to add an additional partner for an extra premium.
  • Children: – Up to 4 children per adult can be covered on the policy completely free of charge. Each child will receive a separate additional benefit package which will mirror the level of the parent. Children will be covered up to the age of 24 (in full time education)
  • 100% Reimbursement: – All benefits have a 100% payback, subject to policy limits.
  • Direct Debit Option Available: – All employees can pay their own upgrades / additions by Direct Debit, relieving the administrative tasks from payroll / HR.
  • Bespoke Intranet Site: – We will create you a personalised intranet site which will be fully bespoke and specifically tailored; allowing all information to be accessed, claims to be made online and the web link fits perfectly onto various platforms.
  • Claiming: – All claims will be processed within a 48 hour period. and can be made either online or via a paper based claim form. The process is extremely simple, with payments being made directly back into a nominated bank account.
  • Named Points of contact & Administration: – Within all departments your employees will receive direct named points of contact, adding a more personal approach to our business. All administration will continue to be taken care of by UK Healthcare.
  • Worldwide Cover: – Your benefits extend to trips abroad
  • Contract Term: – You will have the option to cancel at any time, subject to a one month notice period.

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