Optical Benefit Cover


As one of the most important senses, our eyes are key to everyday life and it’s important to protect our vision by getting regular eye tests whether you wear glasses or not. Eye tests are not just to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, but they also include thorough eye examinations and can help to flag up any issues or problems with your eyes or vision, helping to detect any deterioration in sight as soon as possible.

Our health cash plans include cover as standard, and you can also upgrade your UK Healthcare package to provide higher benefit levels as required. Our basic optical benefits covers eye tests, glasses, contact lenses, repairs and laser eye surgery.

Whether you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, a UK Healthcare cash plan can help cover the cost of any repairs, alterations, replacements and medical support, up to agreed policy limits.

For those who wear contact lenses, our health cash plan can help to cover the cost of contact lenses, which if you need to wear them every day, which can certainly add up.

For more information on our optical benefits, please feel free to contact our experts at UK Healthcare.