Not For Profit Sector

If you run a “not-for-profit” business in the UK and want to provide your workers with a package of benefits which could boost health and morale, talk to UK Healthcare today.

Our corporate health cash plans are popular with a wide variety of businesses and we are also lucky to work with several “charitable” organisations all who appreciate the altruistic ethos of UK Healthcare.

With roots going back over 140 years, UK Healthcare is one of the longest established health cash plan providers in the country. Throughout that time we have regularly made donations to a wide range of charitable organisations. In the last four years alone we have made almost £250k of contributions to worthwhile causes and we intend to continue to do so for as long as we can.

Between 2011 and 2015 UK Healthcare donated over £520,000 to numerous charitable causes.

But above all else, we aim to provide a first class service. In a recent survey of our customers, 95% of respondents were confirmed as satisfied or better with the service provided. The range of benefits available is most competitive and we ensure a seamless claims management process which is highly recommended.

Charitable/not for profit organisations using our services vary in number of employees from just 10 to 300 or more and we are very keen to work with more businesses who buy into the benefits of dealing with an ethical, altruistic organisation. We have many advocates all who would be more than happy to speak with you regarding their experience. A number of case studies are available which offer more detail on our seamless implementation process, the simplicity of our day to day claims handling or the ease of corporate administration.

We’d love to hear from you and explain how helpful corporate health cash plans could be to your organisation. Why not gives us a call on 01204 555049 to arrange an appointment and find out how we can help?