What Makes UK Healthcare Different?


With so many different health cash plan providers, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your company and your employees.

At UK Healthcare, we provide corporate health cash plans to businesses all over the UK. We work with the public sector, a wide variety of not-for-profit organisations and many SME businesses with typically 50 to 1500 employees.

We’re so popular because we offer such a diverse and extensive array of benefits. Better still, we don’t simply offer these benefits to employees covered by the plan, but also their families.


Why Should I choose UK Healthcare?

In addition to the extensive cover available there are 3 main benefits of a UK Healthcare health cash plan:

1. Claim Straight Away
Unlike many other health cash plan providers, policyholders can claim from day one of their policy. Certain providers do not allow policyholders to make a claim for several months, upon completion of a qualification period.

2. Claim on Pre-Existing Conditions
UK Healthcare also cover all pre-existing conditions. Policyholders can claim for medical services and treatments that existed prior to joining the plan.

3. Claim 100% Cash Back
While certain cash plan providers only pay back a percentage of the cost of treatments, UK Healthcare offer 100% cash back, up to agreed policy limits for each plan type, for all medical benefits covered by the policy.

There are also a number of benefits available for families. The 2 main benefits for families include:

1. Children Free
Up to four children, up to their eighteenth birthday can be added to a UK Healthcare cash plan for free, unless in full time education when they will be covered up to their 24th birthday

2. Children receive a separate level of benefits
At UK Healthcare, we don’t just cover children, we cover them to the same level as their parents, with a separate benefit package for themselves rather than sharing that of the parent

UK Healthcare, as a not for profit business with a strong altruistic ethos,   and their motto of : “Looking after everybody” is a core value.. With their help and their unique set of policy benefits, businesses can look after their employees and ensure that staff are healthy, happy and highly productive.

This is better for them and better for your company’s bottom line.

For HR managers and business owners, it pays to talk to UK Healthcare about everything that makes our corporate health cash plans so different from the rest. Call 01204 555049 or fill out an Enquiry Form today.