Corporate Cash Plans FAQ


What are the benefits to my business?

Our policies will help you to:

  • Meet your duty of care responsibilities
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve your bottom line
  • Enhance your recruitment package and reward employees.

What are the benefits to my workforce?

A policy from UK Healthcare can help remove financial barriers that can prevent people accessing treatment. Policies are designed to be used when treatment is required up to policy limits, making them truly valuable to employees.

How easy is it to introduce?

Policyholders deal directly with UK Healthcare so you can leave most of the administration to us. We will work with you to tailor a communication strategy so your workforce fully understands the policy and buys-in to its benefits.

When will employees be able to make a claim?

On company-funded schemes we offer immediate benefit from the date of your first payment to us.

How do employees make a claim?

Employees simply provide a receipt or supporting documentation for treatment received or purchased, then submits it along with a Make a Claim directly to us.

Can families be covered?

Up to four dependent children up to their 18th birthday are covered on most policies free of charge for the child benefit rate shown. Resident partners can also be covered for an additional premium paid either by the employer or employee.