A range of exclusive additional benefits are now available to all businesses who sign up or have an existing UK Healthcare health cash plan. This is UK Healthcare’s Corporate Plus.

With Corporate Plus, companies can choose one, two or three additional benefits designed to complement the existing health cash plan benefits of all employees.

We already know that providing a health cash plan to employees could boost morale, reduce absenteeism and save your business money. But sometimes, workers require additional benefits not featured within a standard corporate health cash plan. That’s where Corporate Plus comes in.

Now, you can offer your staff additional health and wellbeing benefits which have been tailored to their needs.

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    What can I claim through Corporate Plus?

    Face to Face Counselling

    This service offers all plan holders access to up to 6 face to face counselling sessions, with specialists throughout the UK. Following referral by a telephone counsellor or HR manager sessions can be arranged  at home or near to your  place of business.

    A wide range of issues can be discussed including, but not exclusive to:

    • Emotional problems
    • Work related issues
    • Stress
    • Relationship difficulties and family matters
    • Bereavement
    • Anxiety
    • Redundancy

    Personal Accident Life Cover

    If a worker suffers death as a result of a personal accident, benefit can now be paid to the sum of £5,000. A wide range of accidents or causes of death are included in order to provide the most appropriate cover possible. Exclusions and limitations do apply.

    New Child Payment

    A single payout is made for every new child that a worker, or their partner, welcome to the family, during the term of the policy. This includes:

    • The birth of each new child
    • Adopted children under the age of three

    To be eligible for this benefit a 12 month qualifying period applies from the date premiums commence in respect of this additional benefit

    How do I sign up for Corporate Plus?

    Like all of the fantastic services we offer, Corporate Plus could not be simpler to set up. These additional benefits are available to all existing corporate health cash plan customers and all new businesses which sign up to a plan.

    To offer Corporate Plus benefits to your team, all you have to do is talk to UK Healthcare today.

    Terms and conditions apply. Call 01204 555049 for more information.