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Cash Plan FAQs

faqslarge faqslarge How do I benefit?
Put simply, we give you cash back for your everyday healthcare expenses within policy limits. There is no minimum claim and your payments do not increase because of age or by claiming.

Can I include my children?
Yes. Up to four resident children up to their 18th birthday are covered at no extra cost just add their names to your application.

Why is the policy such good value?
Our parent company has a long history of making healthcare affordable for all our policyholders. It always returns as much as possible in terms of benefits to our customers.

Can I claim straight away?
For any employees that join, we shall provide immediate benefit (excluding maternity), enabling you to claim straight away rather than having to complete a 13 week qualifying period. This offer shall also be extended for family and friends.

How do I claim?
Claiming is easy. Complete a claim form and return it to us along with supporting receipts or documentation. We make a point of paying all valid claims promptly so you could have your cash back within a matter of days.

Will the cost ever increase?
From time to time we review the range and rates of our benefits to make sure that we continue to meet our customer’s needs in an ever changing healthcare market. We’ll always give you at least one-months’ notice of any changes and increases.

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