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Make A Claim

Important things to remember when making a claim:

SSL Security

  • You can now make a claim using the portal below.(Excluding hospital stays as a signature from the hospital is required).Alternatively you can download a claim form and send with original receipts. All receipts must include the name of the person claiming together with details of the treatment undertaken and the name of the practitioner performing the treatment. All claims must  be submitted within 3 months of the date of any treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions are not permissible with the exception of dental and optical
  • Make sure that you check the length of your qualifying period before claiming
  • Check that you have sufficient level of benefit remaining before submitting a claim
  • For all claims submitted on line UKH reserves the right to request original receipts, with random sampling regularly undertaken as part of our anti- fraud controls

For more information on how to make a claim, please refer to the relevant pages in the Terms and Conditions.You can now have claim monies paid directly to your chosen bank account, by completing the appropriate section of the claim form with your bank account details. Once you have chosen this method we will pay all future claims into the same bank account unless you advise us otherwise. As a consequence it will no longer be necessary to send you separate notification of payments made.

Please enter your details below to begin your claim. Before making a claim, please check that you have sufficient benefit levels. To check simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01204 522775.

Should you wish to forward your claim by post, please use either of the documents below, dependent upon your type of claim.

'Right Click' and 'Save As' On the forms below to download them in PDF format

1. Checklist - Prior to Completing

Please also ensure that you also have the following available to complete your claim

  • Policy number
  • Personal bank details

If you have any problems with completing this form please contact us on 01204 522775. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


2. Make Your Claim
Policy Holder
Treatment Claimed For

For any claim submitted online UK Healthcare reserve the right to request original receipts prior to processing, as part of it's rigorous anti-fraud measures.

Treatment Received By (if different from above)

For payment to be paid directly into your own bank account then please complete the details below:

Prevention & Detection of Crime

Please note that your insurance policy with us is based on mutual trust. If we are suspicious that any claim may be fraudulent we have rigorous anti-fraud measures in place. These may include auditing the records of medical practitioners to prove that our customers are correctly billed for the services received effectively to prevent and detect crime. This may also involve auditing the policyholder's medical and health records before of after treatment. We may need to share information received with third parties such as the General Medical Council or the NHS Counter-Fraud Security Management Service as we deem appropriate. We may also be required by law to submit information to law enforcement agencies about our suspicions of fraudulent claims and other crime.

Declaration and Access to Medical Reports Act 1988

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