We are pleased to announce that UKH Foundation has donated £5,000 to the charity North West Cancer Research.

The money will go towards funding dehydration detection equipment for terminal cancer patients in Merseyside to support research work at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute Liverpool.

North West Cancer Research is the only independent charity funding world class medical research, helping improve our understanding of cancer and how to better detect, treat and prevent it.  The charity is uniquely placed to support to support local cancer research and care facilities here in the North West.

UKH Foundation’s donation will be put towards the cost of purchasing three bio-impedance analysers, which will support the palliative care needs of people in the Merseyside region, affected by advanced and terminal cancer.

One thing commonly experienced by terminal cancer patients in the very last stages of the illness is a gradual reduction in food and water intake and many patients eventually stop taking fluids altogether.

The new AKERN BIA 101 bio-impedance analysers can be used to conduct measurements of human body composition, including levels of dehydration. As a result, healthcare professionals will be able to better meet the needs of patients towards the end of their lives.

The equipment will be used at the Royal Liverpool NHS Trust Hospital and at the Marie Curie Hospice in Liverpool.

Cathy Scivier, CEO at NWCR, said: “North West Cancer Research is extremely grateful for the support of the UKH Foundation for this important research project. Whilst more people are living with and through cancer, it’s important to ensure sufficient resources are spent on researching and improving end of life care for cancer patients and our loved ones.”

North West Cancer Research has committed to funding more than £13 million worth of cancer research projects over the next five years at the University of Liverpool, Bangor University and Lancaster University.


More information on the lifesaving research North West Cancer Research supports, can be found here