UKH Foundation has proudly donated £2,000 to MHA to help fund music therapy for care home patients who are living with dementia.

MHA is one of the largest charities providing support and care for more than 17,600 older people in England, Scotland and Wales. It does this through community-based Live at Home schemes for people who live independently in their own home, retirement living communities and care homes.

MHA coordinated with Sounding Bowls, a company which creates hardwood bowls complete with strings to make music, who have been able to continue to work with residents at Beechville Care Home, Bolton, thanks to the donation from UK Healthcare. Appreciation and enjoyment of music is one of the last things that people living with dementia lose, and around 2,000 people in MHA care homes currently receive music therapy.

Music therapy for residents living with dementia has been known to be particularly effective as a part of their ongoing care and support; music itself is something that those suffering with dementia particularly enjoy and remember for a significant period of time. Music seems to connect with parts of a dementia sufferer’s brain which other forms of communication cannot reach.

The music therapy brought to the residents at Beechville Care Home is free of charge for those who take part, and sounding bowls are particularly ease to use, as the residents living with dementia may not have the dexterity for more advanced musical instruments. As a result, the process is simple, and the residents enjoy the process as much as possible. The bowls can be used in one to one and group therapy sessions, to make residents feel as comfortable as possible.

Find out more about MHA and Sounding Bowls by visiting their websites to discover how they help dementia sufferers, and how donations like the one made by UKH Foundation can help to fund their ongoing support.