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28 Days Later - Stoptober Asks Smokers “Where Will You Be?”


According to the official Stoptober website, you are 5 times more likely to quit smoking for good, if you can hold out for 28 days. That’s why the national campaign challenges smokers to stub it out for 28 days throughout October, in a bid to help them make a lifelong change.

Stoptober is by far the biggest mass participation quit smoking challenge the UK has ever seen and this year almost 200,000 people will take part including celebrity smokers like Paddy McGuinness and Al Murray.

Smoking charity ‘Action on Smoking and Health’, or ASH, says that two thirds of British smokers would like to quit. When you pledge to take part in Stoptober 2014, you will receive a support pack, access to a mobile app and a series of motivating text messages throughout the period. If you’d always thought about quitting but hadn’t made a proper fist of it, now might be the very best time to try.

ASH also explains that around half UK smokers will ultimately be killed by their addiction and every year around 100,000 smokers are. Smoking accounts for more than a third of respiratory deaths, over a quarter of cancer deaths and almost a seventh of heart related deaths.

Unfortunately, 60% of smokers say that they would find it hard to last for one whole day without smoking. For the remaining 40%, 28 days is all it could take to make one giant leap toward a smoke free life.

In addition to stubbing out, Stoptober encourages quitters to raise money while taking the challenge. It’s a wonderful cause with more than one benefit to UK smokers, their family and peers.

It’s ok to be a quitter this October. Just ask yourself where you could be in 28 days and by the time it comes around, you could be well on your way to a healthier, happier life.

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