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Employee Health and Wellbeing Climbs the Senior Management Agenda - Poll

Senior managers are more likely to recognise the business benefits of employee healthcare and wellbeing than they were five years ago. That is the verdict of a poll carried out by Employee Benefits.

Last month, delegates at the Employee Benefits Summit, in Alicante, Spain, were surveyed on changing attitudes to employee wellbeing, with more than a quarter noting a marked difference in the attention paid by senior managers to the physical and mental health of their workforce. A further 57% admitted to noticing a change, but qualified the change as being slight.

Few could deny the direct business benefit of a healthy and happy workforce. In fact, last year the CIPD Absence Management Report 2013 explained that absenteeism could be costing businesses on average £595 per employee per year.
More UK employers than ever before are recognising the need for employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives.

They acknowledge that health and wellbeing initiatives are more than simply cherries on the icing on the cake; they’re crucial to optimum staff performance and productivity.

Some UK businesses are launching walking challenges or weight loss programmes. Others are introducing healthy food options, gym memberships and state of the art wellbeing facilities.

Whatever you choose to do, the health and wellbeing of staff should always be on the agenda.

The message from the latest Confederation of British Industry report is that businesses which promote a healthy happy lifestyle in their employees benefit from lower absences rates, higher productivity and better employee engagement.
The question for senior managers and HR managers is: is looking after the workforce on your agenda?

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