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As Cost of Healthcare Rises, UK Healthcare Reveal Fixed Prices for 5th Year

While the cost of some healthcare benefits might have increased in cost, UK Healthcare has confirmed fixed prices for a fifth consecutive year. This despite the fact that more than 10% of people surveyed by Towers Watson believed that their corporate health cash plan became more expensive. The findings were revealed in Employee Benefits magazine. It was reported that the cost of healthcare related benefits for employees had continued to increase in price.

According to findings 40% of respondents said the cost of private medical insurance had increased during 2013 and 30% said the cost of dental insurance had increased since the previous year. In addition, 20% had seen increases in the cost of critical illness insurance and employee health screenings.

With only 11% of respondents seeing an increase in the cost of a corporate health cash plan since 2012, it could be seen as one of the most cost effective forms of healthcare cover, regardless of provider. But UK Healthcare has gone further by fixing the cost of their corporate cash plans for a fifth consecutive year.

A company health insurance scheme is an accepted way to provide employees with an attractive benefit package and also keep them healthier. It could even boost their overall productivity. With a health cash plan employees can be included for just £1 per employee per week. Through the plan, they could claim cash back on a wide variety of medical services including dental work, health screenings and hospital stays, up to agreed policy limits.

At UK Healthcare, the families of employees can be covered for the same low price and receive access to the same entire range of benefits. This includes cover for up to four children free of charge. Plan holders do not have to wait for a defined period to make a claim and they can claim up to 100% of each medical service, in cash back, up to agreed policy limits.

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