In 2017, Singapore will be welcoming over 3,000 international delegates from over 100 countries to attend The World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

Held every three years, the event will take place in Marina Bay Sands, on the 3rd of September through to the 6th, and will highlight expert views on occupational health and safety. The congress has been organised by the Occupational Safety and Health Division, Ministry of Manpower and in conjunction with the International Labour Organisation and the International Social Security Association.

An international issue, occupational wellbeing is one of the most under-addressed workplace problems in the 21st century and only during such events, is employee health and safety finally put under the microscope.

The World Congress on Safety and Health at Work will provide a much needed platform for professional and medical opinions from around the world to be noted and heard by key decision makers such as government and public authorities who can implement such changes and even enforce them to improve employee wellbeing.

The event has been broken up into three main segments:


1.      Vision Zero- From Vision to Reality

Vision Zero aims to address injuries and poor health that is both directly and in-directly caused or made worse by an employee’s workplace or working environment. It calls for employers to focus on finding a solution to prevent such injuries and ill-health from occurring as often as they currently do.


2.      Healthy Work- Healthy Life

Healthy Work will discuss improving your team’s overall health and wellbeing and go into more detail about achieving a sustainable team. This is crucial as employees are adapting to a faster and more complex working environment, health and safety regulations and legislation will also need to adapt and change as required to support and protect employees.


3.      People-centred- Prevention

Joining forces to build an inclusive workplace for occupational Safety and Health. Supporting the sustainable efforts to promote, protect and educate people of all demographics.


Thought leaders and OSH practitioners will be both attending and speaking during the world congress to discuss their shared and global vision to improve the workplace environment and overall employee wellbeing. Speakers include the Minister of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, Ms Pirkko Mattila, Argentina’s Secretary Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Mr Ezequel Sabor as well as Dr Christa Sedlatschek Executive Director, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

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