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Obliterate Office Germs

It’s usually around this time of year when colds, sniffles and coughs begin to make their way into the office. From the odd sneeze from a member of your team to a full blown coughing fit from a member of the IT department, there is nothing worse than a room full of employees who would be better off tucked up in bed. How can you tackle the cold and flu season head-on in your workplace and reduce the need for time off work? Here are a couple of simple but effective ways of preventing an office full of ill employees this winter.


Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers

One of the best ways of stamping down the spread of office germs is to equip each employee with a desktop bottle of hand sanitiser. Once armed with antibacterial gel, your team will be able to clean their hands before eating at their desks and after sneezing or coughing as well as after moving around the office, which will help fight the spread of germs in the workplace. Hand sanitisers can cost as little as 50p per 100ml bottle, which fits nicely next to a desktop computer or laptop.


Wipe Down Desks and Keyboards

Keyboards, phones and laptops can quickly become contaminated, especially if used by several different individuals in the office. If people commute via public transport, germs can be transferred from buses and trains onto clothing and hands, then onto office equipment and spread throughout the work environment. To tackle this issue, it’s best to have desks, and the office itself, professionally cleaned and sanitised regularly. Having antibacterial wipes in the office will also help to encourage your team to clean their own desks every so often.


Educate Your Team on Basic Hygiene

It might seem obvious, but a lot of people are still unaware of the harm that not washing your hands properly can have on your health and it is worth putting on a basic office hygiene workshop to refresh people’s memories or educate them on the basics on preventing the spread of germs in the workplace. Providing your team with clear instructions on how to wash their hands properly, sanitise their desks efficiently and help to prevent themselves from getting ill, should help to reduce the number of sick days this winter.

Keeping your office clean and hygienic all year round is a team effort but with a little education and good workplace habits, you can help prevent the spread of germs and hopefully prevent your team from becoming ill this winter.

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