A donation by health cash plan provider UK Healthcare will help cancer charity Mummy’s Star to expand their workforce for 2015.

The organisation, which specialises in supporting pregnancy through cancer and beyond, has recruited an additional member of staff ahead of Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week, which the charity launched in June 2013.

Of course, that event may last for just a week, but the team behind Mummy’s Star work all year round providing information, help and support to families affected by cancer, during or after pregnancy.

Mummy’s Star is the only UK charity dedicated to pregnancy and cancer. It is an area in which little information or support is available.

As champions of this cause, the charity aims to create a registry for Cancer and Pregnancy, which would be the first of its kind in the UK. This register would map occurrences of cancer in pregnancy along with other pertinent data regarding these instances. They hope that one day this information could be used, not only to understand cancer developing during pregnancy but also prevent it.

This is the kind of issue that will be discussed during Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week.

The event launches with a conference held on Thursday 18 June at the University of Salford. With an array of medical professionals including midwifes, obstetricians and oncologists, joined by supporters of the charity it promises to be an informative event and an important occasion.

Mummy’s Star’s new recruit will be responsible for raising awareness in the event and the condition, but the organisation relies upon charitable donations to provide all of its services. Founder Pete Wallroth was delighted that organisations like UK Healthcare were there to provide support.

He said: “Everybody at Mummy’s Star is immensely grateful to UK Healthcare for their support and their donation, along with the donations of our other patrons, will be a big boost to the charity in 2015.

“Our aim is to generate as much awareness as possible in cancer through pregnancy and beyond and for this reason we want to make Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2015 our biggest occasion yet. Thanks to UK Healthcare, we can welcome some fresh blood into our team and they will be directly responsible for making the week a success.

“It’s a really exciting time for us and we look forward to working UK Healthcare again in the future”.

In addition to providing corporate health cash plans which allow employees the chance to claim cash back on the cost of various medical treatments, up to agreed policy limits, UK Healthcare is committed to making donations whenever possible to appropriate healthcare organisations and charities. Last year, the company raised £139,000 for good causes in the UK and they’re already working to beat this in 2015.

Find out more about Mummy’s Star, and their work to raise awareness of cancer in pregnancy, by visiting http://www.mummysstar.org/.