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Charitable donation to Snowdon Trust helps disabled students get ahead

We recently donated £2,500 to the Snowdon Trust, a unique organisation which supports young people living with physical and sensory disabilities via grants for higher education.

With our help, a student in the Bolton area will receive financial support to cover expenses which aren’t essentially factored into typical student support.

The Snowdon Trust believes that everybody should have access to a post-16 education. Their grants allow young people living with disabilities to pay for a variety of things they might need to enjoy an adult education, including:

• Computer equipment
• Adapted living environments
• Travel expenses
• Mobility aids
• Human assistance (sign language etc.)

It’s a fantastic cause, and an invaluable help to many ambitious young people, because statutory funding is not always available and when it is, the amount provided may not adequately cover the costs of the support required.

The Snowdon Trust works hard to fill in the gaps, but relies upon donations to provide these grants and make many students’ dreams come true.

We were more than happy to help and Paul Alexander, Chief Executive of the Snowdon Trust, was grateful of our support.

He said: “The Snowdon Trust helps disabled students across the UK who need extra support that is not available through statutory funding.

“We were delighted to receive this donation from UKH Foundation specifically towards our support for students studying in the Bolton area.

“A Snowdon grant can make a huge difference. Quite a few students applying from Bolton are deaf sign-language users. The cost of sign-language interpreters is high and the funding available through Disabled Students Allowances is often insufficient to pay for their needs.”

Find out more about The Snowdon Trust at their official website.

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