Action for Sick Children, a leading children’s healthcare charity in the UK, will help more people than ever before, as it expands its Dental Playbox Project to Leeds for the first time ever.

The expansion can be completed thanks, in part, to a charitable donation from UK Healthcare.

Healthcare services face different challenges to meet the needs of children and young people than they do with adult patients. Action for Sick Children has campaigned on all aspects of children and young people’s healthcare for more than fifty years, lobbying to improve standards within hospitals and the wider community. With their help, children and young people have a better chance of getting the help that they need, in family-focused healthcare environments.

The Dental Playbox Project was launched in response to the increasing number of young children who are admitted to hospital in the UK because of avoidable tooth decay.

According to statistics, more than 46% of children suffer from tooth decay before entering primary school. The charity aims to combat this by sending specially trained facilitators to nurseries, schools and playgroups to implement good oral hygiene practices through the medium of play

They reach more than 7,000 children every year and this number is set to rise as facilitators reach more locations than ever before.

As Valerie Jackson, the CEO of Action for Sick Children, explains “There has been much debate about children’s oral health. The number of children with dental problems is growing at an alarming rate, putting an even greater strain on the healthcare sector. Dental Playbox is a fun way for children to learn about the importance of visiting the dentist and looking after their teeth.

“The generous donation made by UK Healthcare couldn’t have come at a better time, as we expand our Dental Playbox Project to reach more locations than ever before. For the first time ever, our facilitators will visit children in Leeds to teach them about good eating habits and oral hygiene -- and this is just the first step on an exciting journey. We are grateful that UK Healthcare decided to support us along the way”.

Our donation to Action for Sick children is just one of the healthcare donations we have made in the past few months. Last year we raised £139,000 for UK charities and we are working hard to beat this in 2015.

When you sign up for a personal or corporate health cash plan with UK Healthcare, you don’t just enjoy a comprehensive plan -- you help us to continue to support many health related charities across the UK. Find out more about our health cash plans right here, and discover more about Action for Sick Children with a visit to their official site.