We recently donated £5,000 to A Child of Mine, which will help the organisation to produce new leaflets and educational content for children’s hospitals like Alder Hey and Great Ormond Street.

The charity provides help, support and advice to all families who have lost a child, either from an illness or a sudden death.

Most parents cannot imagine the heartache of losing their children, but this situation becomes a reality for thousands in the UK every year. A Child of Mine delivers practical information, guidance and support -- and perhaps most importantly, tailors this advice to each member of the family.

The organisation can provide this quality of empathetic advice because founder Gayle Routledge has experienced the pain of losing a child, for herself.

Son Lewis was just two when he died of an aggressive form of cancer. Since then, the Stafford resident has made it her mission to provide the empathy and advice that parents require when they experience the same.

Part of this service is the production of helpful leaflets and educational content which can be provided to bereaved parents, grandparents and other members of the family.

The last run of this literature proved extremely popular -- so popular, in fact, that demand way outstripped the supply. Our donation, along with the support of the charity’s other patrons, will allow A Child of Mine to create new, leaflets with more up to date content and advice.

These leaflets will be available from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Gayle Routledge, the charities founder also hopes to provide the booklets to GP’s and anybody else who will benefit from them.

She said: “We were absolutely delighted to receive the support of UK Healthcare. This donation will allow us to meet the great demand for help and advice in this area.

Our last run of leaflets was really well received, but we just didn’t have enough to go around. Now that we have an opportunity to go back and redo them, we intend to make them better than ever before, and also ensure they reach as many people as we can.

This would not have been possible without UK Healthcare.”

A Child of Mine requires £10,000 in total to complete this ambitious project and the organisation still needs all the help it can get. Find out more at http://www.achildofmine.org.uk/.