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5 Ways to Survive the Office this Summer

Despite how beautiful the weather has been lately, it can make an office environment sticky and uncomfortable. Preparation is key when it comes to keeping cool during the summer and we have prepared 5 easy and creative ways to survive hot office temperatures in the UK.

#1 Avoid a big lunch

Small meals are much easier to digest and will prevent your body from feeling sluggish and hot. So when lunch time arrives, pass on a sandwich and opt for a fresh salad, or choose a light wrap over a pasta bowl. Keep as hydrated as possible throughout the day too and drink a glass of cool water before your meal to ensure you don’t overeat due to dehydration.  

#2 Keep windows closed

Yes, this might seem counterintuitive but by opening windows on a hot day, you are allowing warm air to circulate through the office and increase the temperature. Instead of opening windows, consider a desk fan or a personal fan that you can use to cool yourself down throughout the day.

#3 Wear your hair up

For those with long hair, make sure to wear your hair up and away from your face. Having your hair down can increase your body temperature and make you feel comfortable and sticky while working, especially if you begin to sweat.

#4 Run cold water on your wrists

If you’re feeling really uncomfortable in the heat, try running cold water over your wrists. This will help to cool the main veins that move blood through the body and help you to instantly feel cooler and more refreshed while in work.

#5 Make your own cooling spray

Using a recycled spray bottle, add about 5 to 10 drops of essential oil or lemon juice to water and enjoy the refreshing and natural spritz throughout the day. Gently spray on your skin for instant relief from the heat while at work.

It might be considerably hot during the working week and uncomfortable while working in an office, but as soon as the weekend arrives, you can fully embrace the summer and enjoy plenty of cold treats and outdoor activities. Remember to always wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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