Christmas is renowned as the time of year when everyone enjoys overindulging in festive treats and alcohol with their family and friends. Whilst this may seem like tradition, the tradition also runs strong in January when you will be asking yourself why you ate and drank so much in such a short space of time! This year, follow our 5 simple tips to stay healthy this Christmas, whilst still enjoying yourself.

1.       Only eat one large meal per day

If you decide to have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast, a piece of Christmas cake and a few glasses of Bucks Fizz for breakfast, try not to follow this up with a large lunch and dinner in the same day. Similarly, if you know you will be having a big roast dinner and a few glasses of wine for dinner, keep your other meals light throughout the day so you aren’t fit to burst by the time you go to bed.

2.       Keep track of snacks

At Christmas time, everywhere you look there will be snacks ready and waiting for you to indulge! From cakes and puddings to mince pies and crisps, the amount of snacks available during the festive period seems to be never-ending. Be mindful of your snacking; for example, choose almonds over salted peanuts, or hummus over cream and chive dip. Making slight changes to your snack choices will make a big difference by the time January comes around.

3.       Stay hydrated

No matter whether you are at home, visiting family or at a festive party, alcohol seems to be on offer wherever you go at Christmastime. Ensure you drink plenty of water; not only to stay hydrated, but also to help aid the digestion of all the food you’ve been eating. Try drinking vodka and soda water instead of vodka and coke, or replace red wine with 50% mulled wine and 50% orange juice. Still the same fulfilment but with half the calories!

4.       Exercise

Don’t give up on your fitness regime just because it’s Christmas – if anything, the over-indulging is even more of a reason to keep it up! Visit the gym a few times a week – it’s usually quite quiet over the Christmas period. If the gym isn’t your thing, get wrapped up and go for a long walk with the family, or set yourself a goal for January. If you have a sponsored run scheduled for the New Year, you have no choice but to go for a few lengthy runs over Christmas to keep your fitness levels up.

5.       Don’t go hungry to parties

One big mistake you can make is going to a party with an empty stomach – you’re bound to accept any food put in front of you! Make sure you eat something beforehand, even if it’s just a light meal. This will help to curb your hunger, and if you do decide to have a bite to eat at the party it will most likely be a small snack or a few canapés.


The main trick for staying healthy over Christmas is to consume everything in moderation. From meals and snacks to chocolates and cake, make sure you limit yourself and don’t overdo it. When January comes around, you’ll be able to maintain your weight instead of facing another month of dieting after an over-indulgent festive period! Enjoy yourself, be mindful of what you eat and drink, but most importantly have a very Merry Christmas.